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Where I grew up…

I took a trip back home to western Massachusetts in August to attend my high school reunion.  I had forgotten how beautiful it is up there!  Most years I visit during the Nov/Dec time-frame when it is starting to get really cold.  This was the first trip back (I think since I was 17) that I had gone in summer.  Everything was so green, especially since it had been a really rainy summer.  It was so beautiful I didn’t want to leave.

A farm down the street from where I lived when I was 8-14.






















Where I went to school for third grade.  The grey building to the far left is where I went for fourth grade.



The drive down the hill to Whitebrook Middle School.


A golf driving range behind the Burger King in Easthampton.



The high school I went to.



Hanging out in Northampton!  🙂







Thornes Market in Northampton still has the cutest stuff.  Sometimes when I see something cute, I just take a picture of it (keeps me from spending $$).















Just a bright yellow garage door that I thought looked cool.


Fitzwilly’s Restaurant and Pub in Northhampton.



HAD to stop in at Herrell’s Ice Cream…..



Look Park…..Wow!  I had forgotten how magical and beautiful that place was. How lucky were we to have been able to go to a park like that as children.







My boys were not with me on this trip.  I wish they had been with me for the train ride through the park.




Line of folks waiting for the train.




The big open field in Look Park.




The outdoor theater in Look Park…crazy beautiful and quite enchanting.  I had forgotten about that place.


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