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Raw Pancakes!

So YUMMY!  I made these this morning after my workout.  Since I’ve adopted a grain-free diet, I have been using recipes for “baked” items with various nut flours.  More recently, I have been trying more Raw recipes for this reason.  I am actually liking the raw “baked goods” recipes more than the cooked ones with almond and coconut flour.  They are moister, sweeter, and less gritty in texture I think.  I picked up this book at the library.  I’m so glad the library had it because I was thinking about buying it, so now I get to try it out first.  This is the second Ani Phyo recipe I have tried.  I will definitely be buying this book.  This one is fabulous just like her chocolate raspberry ganache cake I tried last week.  This girl is a genius chef!  I really liked these “pancakes” even better than my panfried almond flour ones.  I only ate 2 of these (saved the 3rd one for later) as they were pretty filling/dense.  The cakes consisted mainly of ground flaxseed meal.   It only took minutes to make and I didn’t even have to use a food processor–just stirring in a bowl.  So much easier/faster than traditional pancakes (less mess) – a bonus!

You can buy the book here.


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