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Mom 18 Feb 2009

My mom passed away one week ago today at the age of 73.  She passed at 11:25 p.m. on Wed, 18 Feb 2009 from stage 4 Thymic Cancer…a very rare cancer affecting the thymus gland (behind the breast bone).  The cancer was detected in Nov 08 and she suffered much pain for 4 months.  It is very sad to see her go, but we are at peace knowing she is no longer suffering and is in a better place.  Below is my favorite photograph of her at 18 years old taken in a garden.


The flowers (tulips) arrived tonight sent by my dearest girlfriends Laura and Dawn (which prompted me to add this post).


This card below was sent by Aunt Patty.  I was amazed at her choice of a card.  The picture on the card is what appears to be one woman comforting another while reading a book.  The exact moment my mom’s breathing started to slow down (and she eventually passed moments later), I was sitting by her bedside holding her hand and reading a book…very similar to the scene on the card.  I think Patty is very intuitive about things.


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