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Might just be the best lasagna I’ve ever had!!

I tried my third raw recipe today.  This lasagna recipe made with zucchini is from the book Raw Food, Real World by Sarma Melngailis & Matthew Kenney.  The recipes are from an upscale all-raw restaurant called Pure Food & Wine in NYC (wish I could go).  I actually made the sauces last night/refrigerated and then made the assembly first thing this morning.  Yes, I had this for breakfast.  This recipe absolutely BLEW MY MIND!!!  It was easy to prepare too.  I was most impressed by the complexity and richness of all the flavors!  The “ricotta” cheese made with pine nuts & lemon juice was pure heaven…I can think of more possibilities with that sauce (I couldn’t stop licking the spatula).  This dish tasted so sinful I am having a hard time believing it is good for you.  This is a life-changing recipe for me.  I have decided to buy a few Raw cookbooks to start incorporating more of these recipes into my diet.  Not trying to make a super extreme radical radical change, I just like the way they taste, they are easy to prepare, and it just makes me feel good and happy.  🙂  However, if eating super radical could make me as pretty as her, I would do it.  Who knows where all this will lead, but right now I am having fun on my food journey (enjoying the process).

She shares the recipe here.





Here is a shot of the mid-assembly process to show how rich and creamy the sauces are!



Later this morning, I made one of my favorites for fish…Mango Salsa!  Ingredients:  Mangoes, Kiwi, Cilantro, lime juice, red onions.  C’est tout!



I used the mango salsa to make my cod fish burrito (lunch) on a large collard green leaf.  So yummy, fresh, and low carb!  I will be using collard green leaves more for wraps (holds together nicely).


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