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Grandaddy & The Riverwalk

When Grandaddy came to visit, we all went down to the riverwalk here in San Antonio.  The riverwalk is so beautiful.  It is unlike any other city area in the U.S.  This is a picture of Jake on Tim’s lap on the one of the riverwalk boat cruises.  I love the soft light on Jacob’s face in this photo.  Jacob is always sucking his fingers, especially when he gets tired.  He never did take a binky like Hayden did (would not have anything to do with it…but Oh those fingers…yum!).  This was after lunch and was getting close to nap time.  I will be adding more pictures to this post as I process them.


Hayden sitting on Tim’s lap in a restaurant on the riverwalk (under a bridge…which made for some interesting light).