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These pics are from the day Tim left for a six-month deployment to Iraq earlier this month.  We got up really early to take him to the airport.  Other air force folks from  his group came to see him off as well, but did not go to the gate with us.  Overall, is was an okay departure but still hard.  We had been talking to the boys about daddy’s long “trip” to prepare them.

We still had some time, so we had breakfast in the terminal.




Three attempts from 3 different strangers to get a family portrait in focus…..If I had been more organized I would have gotten my act together and coordinated with local photographer Melissa to take some shots for  Operation is a group of professional photographers who volunteer to take portraits (at no cost) for families of a deploying member (either the return or departure).  It is a great organization/cause.  I would like to do this for his return.

bad-family-portraitsFinally one girl was able to get one in focus.


Pillow for the long plane ride.


jakie getting tired….


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