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Chocolate Cake in the Nude for Breakfast!

I have been following a healthy eating diet lately called the Primal Blueprint.  I have been doing pretty well the last couple of months but have been craving some bad stuff lately.  Last night on the internet,  I found this recipe for a healthier version of cake….Raw Chocolate Raspberry Cake!!  I realized I had all the ingredients in the kitchen, so I resolved to make if for breakfast the very next morning.  I am so excited at how this cake came out that I had to take a bunch of pictures.  Jakie was so excited too that he stripped down naked and was running around the house.  Don’t know what that was about, but oh well.  

This cake is all raw (not cooked) and is made with walnuts, honey, dates and cocoa powder.  I didn’t have enough walnuts so I threw some almonds and macademia nuts in there too.  I also added a bit more honey, splenda, and also about  a TBsp of coconut oil to get it a little bit gooier.  This cake is surprisingly really good!!  The inner layer is lined with fresh raspberries.  It is really rich and moist so you only need a little sliver of a portion.  Although it does not have sugar or lots of carbs from flour, I’m sure this has some calories with the nuts and oil, so I would eat in moderation as a treat. YUM!!!  I may look into some more raw food recipes for deserts now that I liked this one.  I always thought making raw food would be time intensive, but this recipe took all of about 10 minutes and the only equipment needed was a food processor and measuring cups/spoons….so less work and less clean up than with baking.  I really don’t like baking.  I rarely do it….too much work and makes a big mess of the kitchen.

I am not about to become a raw foodist, but am just looking for some recipe options out there to replace the more unhealthy stuff like deserts, chips, etc.  



This recipe is by Ani Phyo.  The recipe is here, and check out a you tube tutorial here!  


I also looked through this book last night at Barnes & Noble and it looked really good.  This book is by a couple who run a really swanky raw food restaurant in NYC.  I must have this cookbook!  The photos in this book were gorgeous.  Gotta have photos in a cookbook!


Oh, the FROSTING….the coolest thing about this cake is the frosting!  It is made with Avocado!!!  Avocado, honey, dates and cocoa powder.  The avocado gives it that creaminess.  How cool is it that I snuck Jakie some avocados for breakfast and he didn’t even know it?!



Cake makes Jake a happy boy.  One of my nicknames for him is actually “baby cake jake”.


There are no pictures of hayden in this post because he did not like it.  He said “Yucky!”.   That’s fine…more for me and Jake.   Jake said “Mmmm….that’s yummy mommy!”  Jake, like his daddy, is not one to turn down sweets 🙂



I really like this kitchen.  I love the light we get from all the big windows.  I will miss it when we move this summer (except for that awful tile floor that shows all dirt and is impossible to sweep!).

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