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My love for classic 35mm film photography has been renewed of late.  There are so many reasons why I love film photography–especially medium format.  It is not only the look and the process of film that always pulls me in, but it is also the surprise factor.  Many times, it is the wait that makes it that much sweeter–just like Christmas when I was a kid.  I started off shooting film in high school and college, but then converted to digital as it became more available in the early 2000’s.  My increased appreciation and return to film began in 2012 with the purchase of the Contax 645 medium format camera.  One of the reasons I have been utilizing 35mm more, however, lately is it’s lightweight and portability factor for traveling.  One can travel on foot ALL day with ease when carrying a light 35mm camera.  

Below are some photos from a roll of Fuji 400H 35mm film that I shot last week.  I went to load my camera and realized that a roll was already in the camera.  I didn’t think much of it and proceeded along to finish the roll.  Having several 35mm cameras, I did not realize how long this roll had been in there–1 year!!  Most of the roll was from a day trip I took last year to Nancy, France.  I had driven down to Nancy to sightsee, practice my french (my other passion) and to of course shop:)  Nancy is a super lovely french city full of beautiful white limestone architecture and beautiful streets offering charming shops and cafes.  It is so beautiful that many of the buildings and museums actually look like castles.  The architecture, cafe and museum photos here were taken in Nice, France.  

The other botanical photos on this roll (mainly the cherry tree looking flowering blooms) were taken two weeks ago here in my new hometown of Yorktown, Virginia.  I love Yorktown for it’s beauty, proximity to the ocean and plentiful historic sites.  This area provides an abundance of backdrops for beautiful lifestyle family portraits!  Some outstanding areas in Yorktown to explore for portraits are:  Yorktown Beach, The Yorktown Battlefields, etc.  In addition, Colonial Williamsburg, the Norfolk Botanical Garden and Virginia Beach are all a short drive away.

35mm film photography france

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Yorktown Virginia Blossoms

Nancy France MuseumYorktown VA Spring Blossoms

Nancy France Cafe