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Botanical Gardens

On 2 Feb 09, we all went to the beautiful botanical gardens here in San Antonio, TX.  It was a fun day!  We also went with Tim’s dad who visited us for a week.  My favorite was the tropical building with all the orchids.  One of my favorite pics of Jacob was taken on this trip (2 earlier posts–the black and white pic).  We walked around most of the day and had lunch at the cutest cafe there called the Carriage House Bistro (CHB).  For desert we had Chocolate Mouse which was awesome with a fabulous raspberry sauce which turned out to be smuckers after we asked the waiter what it was!  Wish I didn’t know that.  I might start eating chocolate mousse at home (which I don’t need to do).


_mg_34411Grandaddy & Jake

_mg_34851The boys feeding ducks!

_mg_34061Hayden making “funny faces” at lunch.

_mg_35421Hayden in the Tropical Room.  Love the color.  No color action here; just a small exposure adjustment.

_mg_3553Jakie fascinated by a hole in the ground in one of the tropical rooms.

just parking these photos here 11/29/10:

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