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Birthday Boy!!!

Today was a good day.  Jakie turned 3 last Saturday.  However we celebrated today on the 13th instead because that was when we could get the party reservation at Chuckie Cheese.   I can’t believe my baby is THREE!  I got the spiderman cake at HEB.  It was yummy….too yummy because I had two cupcakes and a piece of cake today.  Bad mommy.


 Earlier that morning, I had all the presents lined out on the couch when he woke up like Christmas.  


This was my favorite of the toys…a really wierd leggo type toy called “Thing-a-ma-jigs”.  Really wierd.  I like wierd.




Jakie had been eyeballing these frog rain boots a few months before at Target so he got them for his birthday!  He decided he needed to strip down to his diaper to get into the boots.


We’ve been going to the indoor pool lately at the gym, so I got him these big goggles.  I thought he might be able to keep them on his face better than the little ones at this point.  I think they might be a little too big:)  (but they did say it was for ages 3-8).


Jake likes guns.  Mommy doesn’t.  Mommy doesn’t buy toy guns for the boys.  However, jake makes anything into a gun for play (sticks, crackers, anything).  I broke down and bought him a bubble making gun.  I hope he doesn’t grow up to be a gang member now:)  Big brother hayden is assisting with the bubbles while Jake catches them.  I love the look of pure joy on his face.







Later on at high noon, we headed over to Chuckie Cheese for his birthday party.  He absolutely loved it!  He was so excited when Chuckie came out.


Big man blowing out the candles…..












After food and cake, Jake got to go in the ticket booth where he got to catch as many tickets as he could.  He actually caught a good many, but then he got excited and let them all go.  He exited the booth with only one ticket, but it was worth 100 tickets so it was all good at the toy booth later.





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