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Another Perfect Sunday in San Antonio (iphone pics)

As with Saturday, we had perfect weather again on Sunday.  We first went to church (in that beautiful building…look at those windows!).  Next we tried out a new restaurant called “Green”.  It is an all vegetarian & kosher restaurant specializing in comfort food.  I love to seek out new and interesting restaurants.   It was soooo good!  I had “sushi” rolls made out of hummus and pecan pate.  We were also bad and splurged with some red velvet cupcakes with white icing.  The sweet potatoe fries were to die for also.  The decor and service at this restaurant were outstanding.  We will certainly be back…may have to turn that place into our post church ritual (if I can stay away from those cupcakes).  On the way to the restaurant, we saw a beautiful 1956 Ford at the gas station and had a nice chat with the owner about how things just aren’t as pretty now-a-days as they were in the 50’s design-wise.  After lunch, we all went to the Dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum in the Alamo Heights neighborhood.  The big dinosaurs were great, but more impressive for Mom was the beautiful spanish landscaping in the back of the museum.  They even had a kids treehouse museum back there.   It was a full day.  Jake was asleep within 5 minutes in the truck at the end of the day.








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